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Ideas and Inspirations

Well, you've arrived at the Vistas and its time to decide how to pass the holiday. You'll probably start by standing on the Vista's balcony and being wowed by the view of the ocean. And you may want to stay right there admiring the beauty of that view, lulled by the sounds, admiring the sunset, trying to catch a green flash; a pair of binoculars at the ready to catch a whale, or maybe grab a book and just settle in for the duration. But in case you are looking for change, there's plenty to keep you occupied.


Rodale' Scuba Diving Magazine rates it:

No.1 Best Advanced Diving;

No.2 Best Dive Destination;

No.3 Best Value;

No.3 Healthiest Marine Environment;

No.3 Best Wall Dive;

No.4 Best Macro life;

No.4 Best Fish life;

No.4 Best underwater Photography.


What more can we say? It's better than that. If you haven't already, check out Salt Cay Divers for the complete scoop. www.saltcaydivers.tc

Be A Castaway. Pack a lunch and take a boat trip to one of several deserted islands. Explore, snorkel, watch the wildlife and birds or maybe just snuggle in the sand. Feeling adventuresome, pitch a tent and spend a night surrounded by the sky and the stars.
Feed The Sting Rays. Head over to Gibbs Cay (one of those deserted islands) and swim and snorkel with stingrays. You rub them and they rub you. Feed them fish, if you dare.
Snorkeling. Pack a lunch, grab the snorkel gear, hop into the cart and head out for North Beach where you can enjoy grand snorkeling and deserted beached. Maybe catch a conch for you supper. (For other possibilities see "Be A Castaway" above)

Check Out The Petting Zoo. The island is home to wandering horses, cows, mules and chickens. You might say it's a petting zoo without walls. Wander about and see what you can find, what you can see. Maybe even lasso one of the horses and take a horseback tour of the island.
Bird Watching. The Salinas and inland marshes are excellent feeding ground for a variety of resident and migratory birds. So why not head down to South Point for a spot of bird watching. You can find many interesting species, including Osprey, Blue herons, egrets, terns, boobies and many others. If birds are your special interest, pick up a copy of Richard Grounds' Herons of the Turks and Caicos.
Explore The Island. We've listed a few of the sights and activities already, but only a few. There's plenty to see exploring in your cart, the governors house, interesting churches and such, and much, much more if you leave the car and hike the nooks and crannies.

The Salinas. There are several Salinas on the island where salt was produced until the 1970s. Now these intriguing ecological areas are home to unique varieties of plants and creatures.
Fishing. Grab a hook and a line and see what you can come up with.
Wander And Visit. You can just wander about and spend time getting to know the folks that call Salt Cay home. Good company and you'll probably hear plenty of intriguing stories. Who knows, you may even find someone who recalls when the Chicamauga sailing out of Pascagoula, Mississippi would pull to get a load of salt and the son of Captain James Buffett would come ashore and head out to the beach to chase flamingos and catch lobsters. That little boy romping with the local kids would become the father of Jimmy Buffett.

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